About Paul Ernest

Who I Am in 5 Words

After spending 16 years in design and advertising I decided to step from beside the lens to behind the lens. The years in design and working with dozens of photographers has brought me the seasoned ability to compose images.

I have always loved photography as a form of art and its ability to capture a moment forever — images move, inspire and remember. Photography has brought me the respect and reverence of the art.

I love people and their lives and stories.  So much so, that before my career in design, I considered enrolling in seminary to serve people and their lives. I was taught throughout my life to serve others, be involved in their lives and to encourage people in this life. People have brought me encouragement and hope.

I come from a family of artisans who have influenced and supported the importance of the beauty and creativity of art and design. Emotion and reflection are the products that art brings to all of us. Seeing the beauty created by people has brought me joy.

My father’s primary lesson in life was commitment — commitment to what you do, how you serve, and the people you are with, to follow through and be an anchor to yourself and who you are with. Commitment has brought me wealth in relationships.